📰 🎞 Emoji Marketing News

📰 🎞  Emoji Marketing News


The following “Emoji Marketing News” describes how Brands effectively use Emoji Marketing Strategies to successfully Reach and Sell to Consumers from around the world.

There are major upsides in replacing Emojis with “Emoji Domains” in Emoji Marketing Strategies.

In addition to “Increasing Engagement”, Emoji Domains also instantly “Link” Consumers directly to a Marketer’s Digital Storefront, Blog, App or Landing Page.

With Emoji Domains, Consumers don’t simply View Random Emojis also Engage directly with a Marketer’s “Emoji Brands”.


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  • Norwegian Airlines’ Successful Emoji URL Campaign
    11,000+ people participated and Campaign Sales was lifted by Index 400


  • Coca-Cola EmotiCoke Emoji URL Campaign
    10,000 People Registered in just 48 hours, Website visits Increased Over 1,000% Gaining over 100 Million Earned Impressions and Generating $1 Million Dollars in Earned Media”


  • Chevrolet’s Successful #ChevyGoesEmoji Campaign
    “Shared 20,000+ times across 132 Countries and Global interest spiked to the Highest Level in two years.”


  • Domino’s Successful Pizza Emoji Ordering Campaign
    “On Day One, 500+ people signed up to order Domino’s Pizza with an Emoji resulting in long lasting National Buzz and Exposure.”


  • Emoji – Everyone’s Favorite Way To Text
    “Emoji Are Everywhere, 6 Billion Sent Every Single Day” … “A Whole New Means Of Expression, That’s Used Around The World


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